Two-Way Hourglass by Chaitali Dekhatawala

Hello friends! It’s Chaitali here and I am back with my project for November.

I’ve created an hour glass shaker using ArtStacks images on an MDF base of that shape. The project can be flipped so the top and the bottom of the hour glass can be interchanged. The “sand”, in the form of mini hearts, beads and microbeads, flows from one side to another when turned upside down.

I was inspired by this quote,
“Life is like an hourglass….
Eventually everything hits the bottom
And all you have to do is…
Wait till someone comes along…
And turns it around!”

For this project have used some gingko leaves from the new release Trees & Leaves Stack for the inner hour glass along with musical notes paper from The Homemaker Limited Edition CardStack.

I created my two main focal point using two figures from Lorraine Haight Moraine’s CoreStack.

You can see the shaker effect here:

On my hourglass, I used the new release Trees & Leaves stack:

Trees & Leaves #1

And The Homemaker CardStack:

The Homemaker CardStack

My focal images are from Lorraine Haight Moraine’s CoreStack:

Lorraine Haight Moraine CoreStack


I hope you enjoy my project and it inspires you to create something beautiful using ArtStacks!

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