Trifold Card by Tina Hois

Hello creative friends, it’s Tina here!

Today we will be playing with cards and bits from Shana Bebeklis’ Full Deck pack to create a trifold project that can be displayed or incorporated in art journals.

Step 1: 

Cut out three cards from the Full Deck pack.

Step 2:

Turn the cards over and join together with some washi tape or glued fabric.


Decide on what images you will use

I chose:

~the flock of birds

~the number 7

~the botanical 

~the birdcage

~the number 3

Step 4: 

I cut the botanical into several individual smaller pieces. ArtStacks images are very easily personalised with simple alterations.

Step 5:

With an exacto blade, cut a window in each card for interest.

Step 6:  

Turn the cards over and adhere some of the scribbles tissue paper over the windows (good side down).

Step 7:

Arrange and adhere all the other bits to create one cohesive collage. I ran the flock of birds across all three cards.

 Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing your trifold!


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