They Thought I Was Normal by Sharon Fritchman

Don’t you love it when artists take images and words and turn them into something unique? Sharon Fritchman has done exactly that with this amazing art journal page she made using images and words from three of Deb Weiers’ packs!

Sharon created interest and depth in her background using torn paper, twine and stitching on her coloured background. The bold black and white striped paper is from Deb Weiers’ Wonky Backgrounds pack:

Deb Weiers Wonky Backgrounds

The title is printed on our amazing tissue and is from Deb Weiers’ Wonky Faces pack:

Deb Weiers Wonky Faces

The dog image and the animal noises are from Deb Weiers’ Wonky Critters pack:

Deb Weiers Wonky Critters

It’s amazing how easy it is to mix and match Deb Weirs’ packs. Thanks for showing us how, Sharon!

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