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Dog Love by Lisa Oxley

Lisa Oxley continues to wow us by combing her own signature style with images from [...]

Love Lives Here by Lisa Oxley

Lisa Oxley is back today to dazzle you with her Tracy Verdugo inspired art journal [...]

I think It’s Okay by Lisa Oxley

Lisa knocks our socks off today with a stunning art journal page that she created [...]

Flowers in her Hair by Lisa Oxley

WOW! Lisa has made an amazing art journal page with our new Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts [...]

Trust by Sharon Fritchman

Sharon takes the gorgeous bright floral designs of Lisa Oxley's Floral Fetish pack and uses [...]

She Lives the Poetry by Lisa Oxley

Lisa Oxley is back to delight you with her Deb Weiers-inspired page. How amazing!

A Wisp of a Woman by Lisa Oxley

Lisa uses Deb Weiers' images on one of Lisa's own backgrounds to create this striking [...]

Love by Rachel Lowe

Wow! Rachel packs a punch with this striking art journal page made entirely with ArtStacks [...]

A Peep-Through Page by Paul Perry

Paula creates a unique peep-through look with this gorgeous two-layer spread, using a mix of [...]

We Hold the World by Lisa Oxley

Our "Queen of Colour", Lisa Oxley, displays her brilliance yet again with a gorgeous page [...]

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