Peek-A-Boo Pages with Paula Perry

Hello to you! I’m a little excited to share my first project for the ArtStacks Team!

After receiving my packs, the hardest thing was to choose which I was going to start with first, as it all inspired me in one form or another. What finally spoke to me the loudest was the clear windows from the Doors& Windows pack, as I immediately saw see-through pages. I’m truly in love with those peak-a-boo type pages. This ended up so, so different from my usual style and I love that!

Firstly, I cut out the windows I wanted to use, and traced them onto my page. I had a gel-printed background already created.

With a sharp blade, I cut the window shapes slightly smaller than the traced lines, so I had something to glue the windows to. Remember to have a cutting mat between your pages so you are only cutting the one.

I went around the cut windows with a black texta to remove the stark white now created, as well and any cut pieces I was using, like the figure and cat.

Before gluing down the windows, I added some tissue paper and stenciled brickwork and branches around the page to create a rustic old building effect.

I added the potted flowers to one window & the cat to another…both from ‘Doors and Windows’ pack. I loved the cat had a mirror image of itself, which lead to an easy 2nd ‘flip’ page. The girl in the window is from the ‘Faces and Figures’ pack, which I coloured-in with black gesso on the back for my 2nd page.


Front of Page.

Back of Page

The Transparent Windows, Flower Boxes, Cats, Quotes and Tissue Stone Wall are from the Doors and Windows pack.

The Figure is from the Faces & Figures pack.

I had a lot of fun creating these pages, and what I created is very different from my usual style which is always fun!


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