Our New Guest Designer – Jana Clinard Harris!

We are excited to announce we have a very special Guest Designer joining us at ArtStacks. it’s Jana Clinard Harris!

Jana has a unique attitude to her art and what it’s created for. Jana says, “My mixed media collages are created with the spirit of giving and uplifting and is the way that I can best help others and make a small difference in our world. Most of my originals are gifted to those that are nominated to receive them through Instagram and I send them out in “Happy Mail.”  My hope is that my art brightens your day, adds beauty or positivity to our world or inspires the creativity in you.”

We love Jana’s selfless and generous attitude! We also love what she has created with out new release packs, “All Dressed Up” and “Wings & Things”. Here are a few of her amazing creations.

The first one is such a timely piece. This stunning tea bag art is a tribute to Queen Elizabeth and her life. Jana added butterflies from our Wings & Things pack plus a colourful guard and a brilliant red toadstool from our All Dressed up pack.

This one is titled “All Around Me”. Jana says, “the background is a vintage dairy order receipt. The butterflies flitting all around the lady reflect her excitement to be going out to lunch with the ladies, on her way to worship, or out for a Sunday drive with her spouse or family.”

Thirdly we have “Hop In”. Jana says, “The background is made from vintage book illustrations. This happy fellow is a dad or grandpa inviting their family, or maybe a buddy, to hop in and go for a ride in the countryside on a beautiful day.” The ‘happy fellow’ is from our All Dressed Up pack and, of course, the butterflies are from our Wings & Things pack.


These are amazing Jana!

The ArtStacks packs that Jana used are:

All Dressed Up

Wings & Things

You can find Jana on the following links:

Instagram: here

Facebook: here

Website: here


Come back later to see more of Jana’s amazing creations!. Thank you Jana!


6 thoughts on “Our New Guest Designer – Jana Clinard Harris!

  1. Stacey Zimmerman says:

    Jana! So happy for you and your involvement with these fun and creative packs.
    You have a way with your collages that makes me think that they are expressing the kind of warm, fun and loving and talented woman you are. If we ever met IRL, I have no doubt that these qualities would be in abundance in you!

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