Our New Design Team Member – Lisa Goddard!

We are thrilled to announce a new Design Team member – it’s the amazingly talented Lisa Goddard! If Lisa seems familiar in here to you, you’re right. Lisa has been a Guest Designer for us before!

When we heard that the UK/Australia free trade agreement had come into effect, meaning there are no longer duties or taxes on items from Australia coming into the UK, we were so excited. We decided to put on a new Design Team member from the UK and Lisa was the first person we thought of. We’re so glad she said yes!


We asked Lisa to share a bit about herself:
“Hello there! I’m Lisa. I am a mixed media artist, art journaler, bookbinder, mum of two, wife, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, and aerial acrobat. Rainbows make me feel like a child again, buttons give me the creeps, creativity keeps me sane.”

We love Lisa’s work! Her seemingly haphazard use of papers always seems to pull together in the most amazing ways. Her artily messy pages with splashes of colour create harmonious, abstract art journal pages.

Lisa loved our stack, The Homemaker’. With its mix of old papers and gorgeous roses it was the perfect choice for Lisa’s textural style. She has made an incredible spread for us.

The details in this are amazing. Lisa has used our roses printed on canvas paper, vintage book paper (some nearly 100 years old!), dressmaking tissue and pianola roll paper. All these papers are in both the CoreStack (out of stock) and the CardStack (in stock) versions of The Dressmaker pack.

You can find the pack here:

The Homemaker CardStack

Thanks for your inspirational and beautiful work Lisa and welcome to the team!

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