Our first Artist Series Designer – Lorraine Haight Moraine!

Hello! Have you heard that we’ve released a new range called the Artist Series?

We are working with artists from around the world to convert their personally created designs into papers that you can use in your papercrafting! For extra mixed media inspiration, their artwork will be printed on ArtStacks’ extraordinary range of different papers.

The development of the Artist Series range is a win-win for all. The artists have their work published and experience the joy of seeing others create with it. Paper crafters gets to use papers designed by talented artists and are supporting them at the same time.

Our very first Artist Series designer is Lorraine Haight Moraine. We adore Lorraine’s quirky, humorous creations. Here are a couple of examples to bring a smile to your day:

Here’s a little about Lorraine:

For most of my life, my creative outlets have been music, sewing, and gardening.  Being from a musical family, one could almost say music is part of my DNA.  And growing up in the Pacific NW, where God’s creative nature is clearly on display, and on a grand scale I might add, it only makes sense that I would be drawn to gardening.  And as for sewing, being one of seven children meant wearing a lot of homemade clothes. Very early on I saw the value, economical and aesthetical, of making my own clothes and all other manner of textile endeavors. So quite naturally, quilting became a major focus for a time. And then life went sideways for a while because… you know…life. 


Anyway, I didn’t really start  “arting”  until I was eligible for senior discounts.  I am informally taught ( I watched a lot of YouTube videos) and after trying my hand at poured painting and watercolor, I found my way to gel printing and then digital art.  Combining those last two has provided a fun outlet.  


I believe it’s so important to keep creating even when life tries to sideline you, and I think if I were to choose an art motto it would have to be:  Created by God to Create for God.


We love your work Lorraine and are thrilled to be able to bring your Altered Ancestors and gorgeous backgrounds to print.

Here are the two stacks that Lorraine has created:

Lorraine Haight Moraine CoreStack

Lorraine Haight Moraine BackStack


You can check out more of Lorraine’s work at:

Facebook: here

Instagram: here



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