Heather McMahon


I’m married and have two adult kids, one of whom is now my business partner! I started scrapbooking in 1999 (yes, last century) and this quickly became a passion. I went on to write articles for scrapbooking magazines and was a Scrapbooking Memories Master in 2013. I love sharing what I’ve learnt over the years and have had the privilege of teaching at various expos and other places.
I’ve been on a number of design teams and am one of the founders of the More Than Words challenge blog.

Over the years I have branched out into all sorts of papercrafting and my latest passion is art journaling. One thing that I love about papercrafts is that it’s so easy to jump from one to another. I’m happy as long as I’m creating something.
My other passion is travelling, which I do whenever I can. I live in rural Victoria, Australia, on a beautiful small farm.

Hi, I’m Courtney. I’m living in rural Victoria, Australia, with my mum Heather, the co-founder of this company! I’ve been drawing and painting since I was little, and developed an interest in manga-style drawing growing up, when I was introduced to Japanese anime and art. After a lot of design and art involvement in school, I chose to study Philosophy and Creative Writing, my other passions, at graduate level, and continued drawing for enjoyment as well as taking drawing elective subjects on the side.

My recent (pre-COVID) travels in South America from 2018-2019 inspired me a lot with the art scene over there, and I am gradually working out ways to incorporate colour into my work more, working mainly with watercolour. I probably enjoy sketching the most, in different styles depending on the kind of image I want to convey. Recently I’ve been practicing a manga-style, drawing characters from my favourite manga and anime that I’ve become obsessed with during lockdown. The ArtStacks project has been an opportunity for me to push myself to draw and paint in a range of different styles. I really hope you like the end result!

Courtney McMahon

Chaitali Dekhtawala


Hi! My name is Chaitali Dekhtawala. I am a self-taught Mixed-Media Artist from Buffalo, New York. I started art as a hobby…today it’s a passion!

I believe art is an inspiration for everyone. It fills the mind with imagination and the heart with wonder. Being born with a love for creativity as a child, I always had a desire to put my creative ideas into beautiful art.

Eventually, I found a way to express my creativity using mixed mediums like paper, canvas, wood, fabrics, and metal trinkets with various types of paints. I fabricate different textures, adore stamping and inking, collaging and assembling to create my artworks. I love creating mixed media layouts and altering and redesigning.

Currently, I am a member of four Art Associations of my town.

I love challenging myself; keep experimenting and learning new techniques and style with each project. I like telling a story each time through my artwork. I adore sending a message across by adding quotes to my artwork.

Hi all. I’m a mum of two mostly amazing children. I have been involved in art for a very long time. I initially started art as a way out. Throughout the years it took a backseat to everything else that was happening in my life. But it was always there in the background helping me to breathe through those times where I didn’t think I could.

I started my paper craft fascination through scrapbooking even before I had my children. It helped me focus on what was important to me through the trials and
tribulations of life. Throughout the years I’ve scrapbooked, art journalled and dabbled in off the page creations. Creating texture and exploring mixed media is my passion. I create for myself. It’s how I stay centred in this modern world.

Leanne Jago

Rebecca Janousek

I’ve been making art since I was thirteen in some form or another! I started scrapbooking around 2000, then found altered books and then stumbled upon art journaling around twelve years ago and I fell in love!

Art Journaling brought me so much joy and in a lot of ways saved me. Over the years I’ve played and tried just about everything and I really love teaching as well. Most of my work is super bold and colorful! I dabble in mixed media projects and scrapbooking still as well.

My name is Ulrika Karlsson and I am a 47 year old living in Sweden. My art journal journey began a few years ago, but I have always loved crafting in many forms – jewelry making, cardmaking, sewing, baking etc. I work in a craft store, which suits me well.

I live with my hubby in the southwest of Sweden, with two cats and a few chickens. We have three children, all adults now. I also enjoy horse riding in my free time.

I love to experiment with my art and try new things. I enjoy drawing a lot, though I’m not that skilled at it yet.

I’m really looking forward to this!

Ulrika Karlsson

Lisa Oxley


Howdy folks. I’m Lisa Oxley, aka Scrapwitchlisa. A mother to two 20 something girlies and partner Paul for 28 years.

I’ve been creating in different forms for over 30 years and discovered paper crafts 20 years ago. Mixed media scrapbooking lead me on the path to find art journaling in 2012 and I have slowly formulated my creative style since then.

Over the years I have created with various design teams and have contributed to national and international paper craft magazines. In 2020 I am stoked to be one of the guest teachers on Lifebook.

I’m so happy to be here to create along with the Art Stacks team. Now let’s make some art!

Hello, I’m Paula Perry and I’m thrilled to be a part of the ArtStacks team! Playing with colour, whether it be paint, ink or paper is simply good for the soul!

I’ve been scrapbooking for about 15 years now. With three kids, there were loads of memories to record and celebrate. Over the years I’ve also dabbled in art journaling, though it’s only recently that it has become my main passion of focus. I love the sense of freedom it offers to play and experiment.

I’m looking forward to sharing the gorgeous ArtStacks designs with you.

Paula Perry