New Releases and A New Format!

We are so excited to introduce something new. In what is probably a world first, we’re thrilled to announce our Social Media Group packs! These packs consist of images that are created by artists who manage, or contribute to, popular social media groups.

Our first new releases are by artists who contribute to the Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts Facebook group. This group is a place for artists and anyone interested in gelatin printing to share their work and ideas. The group has no connection to particular brands of gelatin plates, paints or other supplies. The quality of art in this group is incredible. You can find this supportive and inspiring group here.

A total of 15 artists have contributed to these two packs. We have selected images that show a range of techniques and styles and are well-suited to paper crafting. Most of these artists are not “big name” artists and we love providing them with an opportunity to publish and sell their work. Supporting talented artists is an important part of what we do at ArtStacks.

The first pack is called “Art & Life”. This pack contains images that relate to everyday life – people, pets, places and more.

The next pack is called “Art & Nature”. This contains images of leaves, trees, flowers and birds and other nature-inspired pieces.

We would sincerely like to thank the wonderful artists who have contributed to this pack. It has been an honour working with such talented and lovely people!

You can find the new packs under our Artist Series category in our shop here.

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