New Releases!

Woohoooooo!!!! We’re so excited to reveal that not only do we have new release packs for you but we have a whole new category in our store! Since ArtStacks first started, we’ve had people asking us to make whole packs of tissue and we’ve finally done it!

We have three different types:

Firstly is a pack of Tissue Backgrounds. Designed to work with many different styles of papercrafting, this pack come complete with tips on how to use tissue on your artwork. This also comes as a digital option (see the second pack).

Secondly, we have packs of blank ArtStacks tissue! You can now get our digital files (see above and below) and print them yourself as many times as you like at home! These tissue sheets come in A4 and US letter size, are pre-prepared for you and come with instructions on how to print and use tissue. There is also a link to further instructional videos.

And last, but certainly not least, we are releasing all our CoreStack tissue pages as individual pages! Again, these are also available as digital files so you can print at home. Here are some of the pages:

We hope you love our amazing tissue as much as we do!

Click on the images to see the packs in detail:

Tissue Backgrounds

Blank Tissue – Pack of 10



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