New Artist Series Releases

At last – it’s New Release Friday!

Have you worked out who the artist is that has designed our two new Artist Series packs? Yes, it’s the amazing, colourful and vibrant Lisa Oxley!

Lisa (@scrapwitchlisa) has designed two packs. First up is her Bright & Bold stack.

As the name of the pack says, these images make full use of the colour spectrum. There are images to cut out and some to tear. Use them the way Lisa uses them or add your own twist to them. There is tissue, paper and cardstock, all designed to add impact to your artwork.

Secondly is Lisa’s “Floral Fetish” pack, a term coined by Lisa.

This gorgeous pack of pinks, purples, blues and brights is chock-a-block with flowers and leaves. Images are printed on cardstock, ArtStacks famous tissue, paper and canvas. What a stunning pack!

We hope you love Lisa’s stacks as much as we do. Head to our shop here to see page-by-page photos.

Congrats Lisa!

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