Nanny’s Flower Quote by Heather McMahon

Hello! It’s Heather here. Today I have a step-by-step tutorial showing how you can use scraps to create beautiful backgrounds. I made this background entirely from scraps from The Homemaker stack plus a piece of paper that I geli-printed myself.

I started my art journal page by adding some colourful scraps of paper behind some pianola roll paper from The Homemaker stack. The dots on the pianola paper allow the coloured paper to show through, creating a cool effect.

I then layered on random scraps from The Homemaker stack plus some more of the coloured geli-printed paper.

I really like the rows of coloured dots created by the pianola roll paper over the coloured paper so I decided to reinforce this by making rows of larger dots. l used a standard hole-punch to punch out lots of small circles and glued these in rows. I also added the negative strips from those dots plus some more coloured paper. I painted pink around the edges of the pages and added a rose, again from The Homemaker stack.

I wanted to add my crazy stitching around the edges of the page but I had other art on the back of these pages and the stitching would show on them so I took more scraps from The Homemaker stack and added lots of stitching to them then glued those to the page.

The final step was to add butterflies, a flower and a quote from the Anemones & Friends CardStack. In the stack, the quote is attributed to Walter Hagen, however my mother-in-law used to use this quote a lot so I’m attributing it to her! I finished by using a black pen to finalise the border and highlight the rows of dots.

I love using up leftover scraps to create with!

I used the following stacks:

The Homemaker

The Homemaker – Print

Anemones & Friends CardStack

Anemones & Friends CardStack

Thanks for dropping in 🙂


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