Mini Houses by Yvonne Russell


Hi – It’s Yvonne here. I made five house-shaped mini books using papers from Lisa Oxley’s Bright & Bold and Floral Fetish packs. I used the digital packs and printed these papers at home. These are super easy to make yet they look so great!. Each house is made from folding and cutting just one sheet of paper – no sewing involved.

Lisa Oxley’s papers are a joy to use… so vibrant and cheerful. I also used flowers and butterflies from the Anemones & Friends stack plus some texture paste.


I have a YouTube flip through with a very brief “How to”. Below is a  broad overview but the visual explanation of where and how to fold and cut on the video will be much easier to follow. The actual process is very simple.

  1. Take a sheet of paper. I used A4 but Letter Sized Paper or 12×12 paper will work as well. I prefer to print the paper double sided with a different pattern on each side to add more interest.
  2. Lay the paper in landscape orientation. Fold it in half left to right and then in half again. Now fold it in half top to bottom. You should now have 8 rectangles. These will be your 8 pages.
  3. Variation: For a larger finished size use a larger base sheet and adhere e.g. 2 x A4 or Letter Size of your preferred patterned paper on top. Treat as one sheet for the folding and cutting process.

Please see my YouTube flip-through for more details.


Here’s a screenshot of the pattern.

I used texture paste through a stencil, words from the Floral Fetish Stack, flowers and butterflies. I sealed some of the page edges to make pockets (optional). Add tucks, journal cards, tuck notes etc if desired.

Some of the flowers reminded me of mushrooms so I printed these in an enlarged format, cut them out, and turned them upside down as a roof for one of the houses. I used the painted strips from Lisa’s Floral Fetish Stack for roof edges on another.

I used blue stamp pad  ink to define the edges of the pages and elements.



Lisa Oxley’s Bright and Bold (Digital)

Lisa Oxley Bright & Bold

Lisa Oxley’s Floral Fetish (Digital)

Lisa Oxley Floral Fetish

Anemones & Friends CoreStack:

Anemones & Friends

I hope you can make some of these gorgeous little houses soon!


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