Mini Booklet with Hidden Pocket by Yvonne Russell


Hello – it’s Yvonne here. I love the ideas of doors in art… so many possibilities. Here the dressmaker is peeking out her window and you’ll meet her inside as well with her long “To Do List”, a hidden pocket and a mini booklet/journal card.  I used a mix and match from different ArtStacks packs including paper, card, authentic ephemera, quotes and tissue paper.

I have a ‘how to’ video here or you can follow along with the instructions below:



  1. Score vertically down the centre of two A4 or Letter Size card sheets. With the patterned side to the outside fold one sheet along the score line to form a booklet or folder format with a front and back cover. Cut desired house shape from the front cover and cut card down to desired height.
  2. FRONT COVER: Glue door image above a tissue paper “ground” strip. Cut out the window from the window frame image and adhere layered on top of the door. For added depth, cut away some of the flowers, make a window box from a small piece of folded card (I embossed mine) then add the flowers back in the window box. Adhere the image of the lady and position her with head out the window, leaving the left side open to form a tuck spot. Add the “quilted” journal spot.
  3. Place the two pieces of card back to back patterned sides out. Using the first card as a guide, trim the second shape as desired. Tack lightly with a glue stick in a few spots first if needed to hold in place. Add any extra embellishments e.g. the eaves of the roof (if using a pitched roof) and the Dressmaker sign. For the curved roof, I used a die cut and heat embossing for texture.
  4. BACK COVER: Cover with and glue down (I used gel medium) dressmaking tissue pattern paper.  Continue inside from the bottom about a third of the way up and tear off.
  5. Sew around all outside edges except the inside right edge. Keep this open as this will be a pocket. You can leave the thread ends hanging or cut off.
  6. INSIDE: Glue a fabric strip right across both sides at bottom.
  7. INSIDE LEFT PAGE: Add notebook/to do list (I used tea dyed paper), desired trims and a quote.
  8. INSIDE RIGHT PAGE: Add image of lady (same image as on the cover) and desired quote.
  9. INSIDE RIGHT PAGE: Add image of lady (same image as on the cover) and desired quote.
  10. MINI BOOKLET FOR POCKET: Fold a vintage Dressmaker book page to the desired size to fit the pocket. Continuing the sewing theme, decorate the front cover with a sewn paper ruffle and quote.
  11. Inside: Add side pocket, journal spot quote, ruffles. Adhere the image of the older lady on the seat leaving the top open as a pocket. Add the “quilted” journal spots.
  12. TO FINISH: Add torn fabric with a button as a wrap around closure for the dressmaker’s house. I’ve gone for a vintage look so have used distress ink liberally throughout the whole project to “age” page and ephemera edges.
  13. JUST A FEW VARIATIONS: Different shaped houses and rooves; Insert a booklet between the covers using pamphlet stitch; Make pockets in both front and back covers; Make a trifold; Make an accordion journal using fabric hinges; Make a thin spine instead of a single fold to allow space for more ephemera or a thicker signature/booklet.


ArtStacks Used:

Mini Stacks: Inspirational Words (Digital)

Inspirational Words

Mini Stacks: Witty Words (Printed on cardstock)

Witty Words

Artist Series CoreStack: Altered Ancestors (Print)

Lorraine Haight Moraine CoreStack

Artist Series BackStack (Print)

Lorraine Haight Moraine BackStack

Doors & Windows CoreStack (Digital)

Doors & Windows

Limited Edition Stack: The Dressmaker (Print)

The Dressmaker – Print

Wow! What an incredible creation! Thank you Yvonne!

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