Letters to My Younger & Future Self by Yvonne Russell

We have a special treat for you this week – we are featuring Yvonne Russell’s amazing projects all week!

First up Yvonne has an intriguing vintage-style folio with all sorts of things tucked away in hidden pockets, including letters to her younger and future self.

What would you like to tell your younger and future self? This elegant Memories Folio has two letters for you to write and keep. What fun to look at them in the future – looking forward and looking back. The folio is easy to make and has a surprise hidden flip out pocket.

Yvonne has made a video for you:


Yvonne loves using our digital stacks as she can print on any paper she likes such as the parchment paper used in this folio.

Some details of the inside of the folio:

Yvonne used the following digital stacks:

Anemones & Friends

Trees & Leaves #1

Lorraine Haight Moraine CoreStack

Be sure to keep an eye on our social media on Wednesday for more of Yvonne’s creations!

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