Introducing our new Artist Series artist – Deb Weiers!

We are beyond excited to introduce our new Artist Series artist – it’s Deb Weiers!

We are truly honoured to have Deb design for us. Deb is an incredible artist with a distinctive style. Her ‘wonky’ work is unique, colourful and captivating. We’re extremely proud to have her join us at ArtStacks.

Deb says:
“I am a mixed media artist working from my home in rural Alberta, Canada.  I live with my common-law husband, my 94 year old mother (she lives in another house on the farm), 2 dogs, 4 cats, and 10 horses.  Our whole family is vegetarian and my husband and I grow most of our own food and preserve enough for the winter.

I work intuitively and never know what is going to show up on the paper for me.  That being said, I am still enthralled with the human face and all the emotions it can portray, and consequently the human face is a subject that often appears in my work.  The resilience of the human spirit and the connection between humans and other sentient beings is always of interest to me.  My work often portrays hardship and struggle and I use a lot of abstraction and distortion in my paintings.  I try to always keep growing and evolving as an artist.”

We have been working together with Deb to bring you two stunning packs – Wonky Faces and Wonky Backgrounds.

“Wonky Faces” contains a stunning collection of Deb’s famous faces in a variety of styles. Many images can be added straight to your project and there is one page that enables you to build your own Wonky Faces. There are Deb’s sketched faces and people on sketchbook paper plus Deb’s meaningful quotes in her own handwriting, all on ArtStacks’ unique range of papers.

“Wonky Backgrounds” showcases a mix of styles to suit a variety of projects. There are stunning, colourful, full sized images plus smaller backgrounds sized to suit the Wonky Faces. There is a full page of Deb’s typed words and more, all on a variety of papers, including translucent paper.

You can see more of Deb’s incredible work at:

Be sure to follow Deb and show her your support!




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