Interactive Paper Dolls by Paula Perry

Hello! I’ve been playing with more ArtStacks packs. This page has been on my mind from the moment I received The Dressmaker stack. Did you play with paper dolls as I child? I did. I remember I would design my own paper clothing for my dolls, so I wanted this page to be interactive, so the clothes can come off.

I had previously made an interactive page with Dina Wakley, so with that in mind, I adapted the idea of putting the dolls on folding pieces. Excuse my thumb in the photo and the dress that has slipped…haha at least it proves it moves ;).

Pull down the flap & …

Close ups to try and show the dimension. The two girls are the paper dolls and the cute little boy was on my vintage book paper which was also in my The Dressmaker stack.

The three are all on different levels.

Only the feet of the dolls are stuck down, so you can swap the dresses around…if you like 😉

A bit of interactive fun on this one. I hope you like it.

I used the paper dolls, vintage book paper, vintage dressmaker’s tissue and paper doll instructions from The Dressmaker stack. The quote on the outside of the flap is from the Inspirational Words stack.

The Dressmaker – Print


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