Christmas Card Recipe #3 by Heather McMahon

Heather has sparkled up her Christmas Cards for you in this third recipe of our series.  If you haven’t joined in before, our Christmas Card Recipes tell you everything you need to create quick, cost-effective Christmas cards.

Christmas Card Recipe #3


  • ArtStacks trees printed on tissue from our Trees & Leaves Stack
  • Quotes printed on tissue from our Christmas Quotes MiniStack
  • Card blacks
  • White cardstock
  • Patterned paper for square card
  • Gel medium suitable for using with tissue
  • Pen


  • Christmas Quotes MiniStack – $3 for the printed version (around $2.20 USD) or $2 for the digital version (around $1.50 USD) and you can print this as many times as you like.
  • Trees printed on tissue page – this is part of the Trees & Leaves Stack which costs $16.95 for the printed version or $9.95 for the digital version.
  • Card blanks – These range in price but are often around 50 cents to $1 each. Making your own from cardstock is even more economical..
  • You will probably have everything else in your stash.


For rectangular card:

  1. Tear trees from tissue page and adhere to the card blank with gel medium.
  2. While wet, sprinkle glitter on.
  3. Add title with gel medium.
  4. When dry, draw a border around the design.

For square card:

  1. Cut white cardstock to roughly 2 cms smaller than the card blank and create design using the above method.
  2. Cut patterned paper to slightly smaller than the card blank.
  3. Adhere design to the patterned paper and the patterned paper to the card blank.

Heather used words from our Christmas Quotes MiniStack:

Christmas Quotes

And trees from our Trees & Leaves Stack:

Trees & Leaves #1

We hope you enjoy following Heather’s recipe!

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