Bird Love by Paula Perry

Hello all . . . it’s Paula! I’m here today sharing a mixed media art journal page that I made in my Kraft journal using Deb Weiers’ new releases:  her Wonky Critters and Wonky Bits packs.

I’d like to share how I made it:

I started by scraping yellow paint onto the kraft background with a credit card. I like to do this when the paint is starting to dry out. (Hehe – I have a bit of paint that’s drying out at the moment and I’ve found that this is a great way to spread slightly dried-out paint without watering it down.) Next, I added the black spots with paint and a stencil.  I highlighted one of the black spots with a ring cut from Deb Weiers’ “stripy” easy-tear paper. (from her Wonky Backgrounds pack)

I used one of Deb’s “Wonky Birds”  from the Wonky Critters pack as my focal point.  Next, I fussy a background (from the Wonky Critters pack) into a figure after tracing a chipboard image onto it. And finally,  I added the self-adhesive “pebbles” from the Wonky Bits pack!  (I really like using the images from this self-adhesive paper!!)  And I do love the yellow and orange on this one, it’s such a happy colour combination!

I used the following stacks:

Deb Weiers Wonky Critters

Deb Weiers Wonky Bits

Deb Weiers Wonky Backgrounds

Yes, Paula, we agree!  Your page is happy, fun, and absolutely beautiful.  Thank you!

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