Beauty in Ruins by Chaitali Dekhtawala


We have Chaitali back with us today with an incredible decor piece. Chaitali has altered an old broken picture frame to create a scene depicting gorgeous old ruins.

Chaitali removed the glass and back of the frame. She used her favourite Doors & Windows stack to add the focal elements – the old shuttered window and the transparent windows. Even the title of her piece has come from that stack – “There is beauty in ruins to those who see”.

The piece has the feel of a crumbling old building with broken windows, climbing plants, cobwebs and dust.

Chaitali used The Homemaker CardStack to add details, incorporating the pianola roll, brown dressmaker’s tissue and century-old book paper in places through her piece.

Chaitali used our Doors & Windows stack:

Doors & Windows

…… and The Homemaker CardStack:

The Homemaker CardStack

Wow Chaitali – what an amazing creation!


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