Be Wild by Paula Perry

WOW! Paula is back today sharing a page that she created using Deb Weiers’ new releases, her Wonky Critters and Wonky Bits  packs. (She said she couldn’t wait to create with them!!)

Here is Paula’s tutorial in her own words:

Hello! Have you seen the gorgeous, new Deb Weiers’ releases from ArtStacks? I personally love Deb’s “Wonky” art and am in awe of her creations!  And I always have so much fun incorporating her images into my art journals.  Here is my latest page:

I was inspired by a grid design that I saw on one of my FaceBook supporter groups and I instantly thought something like that would be perfect for Deb Weiers’ little art pieces from her Wonky Critters pack:

I have to confess, I had a little trouble drawing the grid onto the Kraft paper because the white simply soaked into the paper. So I put some clear gesso on the page, let it dry, and started again. I’m not sure if the white pen already on the page leached into the gesso or the fact that the clear gesso was old, but I was left with a bit of a ‘milky’ look to the page. Ooops!  Just goes to show you that you can turn “mistakes” into art!  (I was on a roll and not stopping for anything.) After redrawing my grid, I planned out my layout.

I love the way it turned out and thankfully the “milkiness” isn’t as pronounced as I originally thought. Here is a close-up of my page:


Aren’t Deb Weiers’ pieces amazing?  I just love her creativity!

And please make sure you check back at our blog frequently to see the amazing creations from the rest of the team!  You won’t regret it…

I used the following stacks:

Deb Weiers Wonky Critters

Deb Weiers Wonky Bits

Thanks so much, Paula!  Your page is fabulous, fun, and so creative!


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