100-Day Challenge 2024 by Lisa Oxley

We’re so excited – Lisa Oxley is doing her 100-day challenge for the 6th year in a row! We are thrilled that she has committed to it again. Lisa has produced incredible work in previous years this year is already proving to be no exception.

Lisa has started with a bang! Here are some canvases she has made during her first couple of weeks using ArtStacks papers:

If you’re interested, Lisa sells the canvases that she makes during this challenge. Just contact her on her social media – Facebook: Lisa Oxley, Instagram: #scrapwitchlisa.

Our packs that Lisa used are:

Tracy Verdugo Love Lives Here

Tracy Verdugo Under the Sea

Deb Weiers Wonky Bits

Shana Bebeklis Full Deck

Tamara Laporte Fabulous Faces

Shana Bebeklis Happy Scraps

All Dressed Up

Wings & Things

What amazing work Lisa!

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