Welcome to the creative hub of ArtStacks!


ArtStacks are packs of inspirational awesomeness! Each stack is based around a theme (for example ‘Doors & Windows’) and contains six to eight sheets of designs on a range of specialty papers and card. They can be used in all forms of papercraft.

Our stacks showcase a range of styles. We strive to maintain a unique, hand-made feel to give your creations an original look.

We have worked hard to ensure our images are simple to cut out wherever possible. We think a bit of fussy cutting is an essential part of papercrafting but why spend hours on this when you could spend that time creating?

Most ArtStacks packs are available as either physical packs that are posted to you or digital files that you download. The exceptions are Limited Editions and some Artist Series packs which are only available in physical form. Each physical stack is A4 in size although some specialty papers may vary slightly. The exception to this is our MiniStacks which contain four sheets of A6 paper. Digital files are designed for you to print at home and come in two paper sizes – A4 or US Letter. The size you choose depends on which country you live in.

We hope ArtStacks inspire you to create something amazing!


CORESTACKS: These stacks contain the core images for each theme on a variety of paper and card types.
ARTIST SERIES: Designed by talented artists and papercrafters, these packs offer a stunning range of styles to choose from. Your purchase helps support artists from around the world.
LIMITED EDITION STACKS: These stacks contain original unique papers such as vintage book papers or specialty papers, that cannot be replicated. Each stack is different. They are usually not available in digital form.
TISSUE: Packs and single pages printed on our amazing tissue plus packs of blank tissue so you can print on our tissue at home.
CARDSTACKS: We re-size and alter images from our CoreStacks to suit card makers.
MINISTACKS: Smaller stacks of words on tissue paper or cardstock.